About Us

Steering Committee and Board

The Orcas Crossroads steering committee consists of volunteers from the community who bring diverse interests and skills to the monthly meetings. They arrange six to eight lectures each season and are assisted by a part-time staff member.

Lisa Botiller, Bruce Buchanan, Carie DeRuiter, Martha Fuller, Jennie Pederson, Janice Wiemeyer, Sandy Wilson

Julie Fraser,  Administrative Assistant

Past members of the steering committee are:  Diane Berreth, Diane Boteler, Tom Evans, Steve Garrison, Phil Heikkinen, Jay Kimball, Sue Kimball, Meg Massey, Judith Miller, Rachel Newcombe, Ruth Newman, Donna Riordan, Michael Riordan, Barbara Safreit,  David Schermerhorn,  and Tom Welch.


The Orcas Crossroads Lecture Series is an independent non-profit organization supported through the generosity and support of the Orcas Island community. It was initially sponsored by The Friends of the Orcas Island Library in cooperation with the Orcas Island Public Library, with a seed grant from the Sir Francis Bacon Foundation.

Generous support is provided by:  the Crossroads Associates, the Daniel and Margaret Carper Foundation, and individuals at the door. Specific program underwriting support has been provided in this and previous seasons by the Orcas Medical Center Foundation, Robert Lundeen, and anonymous donors.

Volunteers provide assistance throughout the year to help bring this series to Orcas. We appreciate the help of many current and past volunteers, including: Andrea Hendrik, Harvey Himmelfarb, Jay Kimball, David Kobrin, Alan Lichter, Gerry Munoff, Eleanore Stewart, The Key Club of Orcas High, and the partners & spouses of committee members.

Orcas Center staff members, Phil Burbo and KD Laslo, help insure smooth production of each lecture. Orcas Public Library staff members Martin Arnold and Mary Pugh, and the Director, Phil Heikkinen, provided valuable assistance to Crossroads (for which the Library was compensated) in the first few years.

Thanks to all of you for your continued interest and support!


The Orcas Crossroads Lecture Series was conceived in 2006 by the Friends of the Orcas Island Library (FOIL) as a means of providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among members of the Orcas community. Several members of FOIL recruited the initial steering committee and FOIL provided some financial support in the formative years.

Committee member Richard Fadem secured start-up funding from the Sir Francis Bacon Foundation for the first two seasons.  The series then became self-supporting through the generosity of a small number of benefactors and the Associates’ donations, plus season and individual ticket sales. The first lecture was in the Fall of 2007.